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Bed Bug Removal in Champaign, IL

Adult bed bugs are tan to reddish brown in color, oval shaped and flat. They typically infest mattresses, box springs, framing and headboards of bedrooms but can potentially be found anywhere. Hitching on infested luggage or furniture, populations of bed bugs can increase rapidly once they are established in a home. Trying to control bed bugs on your own is never a good idea. Products available to the public will only provide temporary relief if any at all. These products tend to scatter bed bug populations, making 100 percent control more difficult in the long run. If you suspect a bed bug problem, or just to put your mind at ease, call Weldon Pest Control today for a free inspection and/or estimate. In the event you have an infestation we will show you how to prepare your home for treatment. Mattress encasements will be provided and installed on the initial service Using a combination of residual sprays, dusts, and exclusion methods we will work hard to eliminate your infestation. Due to the nature and complex life cycle of bed bugs, a minimum of one follow-up inspection and application will be provided to ensure your home is bed bug free.
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