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Illustration of How Termites Enter a House — Pests in Champaign, IL
Eastern Subterranean Termites are found throughout the mid-western states including right here in central Illinois. Feeding on cellulose material such as the wood in your home or business worker termites forage underground building shelter tubes and searching for food and water. During this foraging termites can find an entry point into your property and an infestation can result.

Due to the reclusive nature of termites many infestations go unnoticed for months or even years before detection. In this situation, major structural damage, typically not covered on insurance policies, can occur.
As C-U’s #1 termite experts, technicians at Weldon Termite & Pest Control are adept at eliminating termite infestations in any type of structure. Since no two properties are the same, we will tailor your termite program to fit your specific needs. Using a product with the active ingredient Fipronil, we have a 99.9% success rate in eliminating termite infestations. We use a conventional treatment method as this is the preferred method of most lending institutions when buying or selling a home.
Wood Infested with Termites — Pests in Champaign, IL
Damaged Wood — Pests in Champaign, IL
Termites — Pests in Champaign, IL
Termite Swarmers — Pests in Champaign, IL
Termite swarmers
After eliminating your termite infestation you receive a one year warranty that is renewable on a year to year basis for a nominal fee (typically 10% of original treatment cost). Hire our services today and see why we are the leading termite specialist in this area.

Building your Dream Home? Pre-construction treatments are a valuable tool used by builders all across the country. Protect your home before it’s even built!

Buying or Selling a home? When buying or selling a home, typically a wood destroying insect inspection report is required. Call Weldon Termite & Pest Control for your next real estate transaction.